Ryder Cup: Yorkshire’s vital role in golf history

The Wandering Golfers visit Yorkshire’s three iconic Ryder Cup courses to trace the story of their place in golfing history and see what kind of test they present today.

It’s not often golf can reach beyond the sport and capture the imagination of a new audience. 

The Ryder Cup, however, carries that power. It is an event built on prestige, not prize money, one that conjures up vivid, enduring memories and brings to mind the names of the courses on which the battles have played out. 

As part of our exclusive Ryder Cup series, we visited Yorkshire’s three iconic Ryder Cup courses –  Ganton, Moortown and Lindrick to tell their story. 

Twelve British clubs have hosted the Ryder Cup.

Scotland has held it twice – at Muirfield and Gleneagles. Wales once, at Celtic Manor in 2010. And the proud county of Yorkshire has hosted it on three separate occasions, at three different but wonderful golf courses.

The 18th green and clubhouse at Moortown, Leeds. Venue for the 1929 Ryder Cup. 

There are very few sports where fans can not only step onto the field of play but play on it too. Golf offers that rare opportunity and so once a course has hosted a Ryder Cup it becomes a calling for golfers everywhere, a place of pilgrimage where mere mortals can visit and attempt to recreate the superhuman feats that have gone before.

The 18th green and the clubhouse at Lindrick. Venue for the 1957 Ryder Cup.

Ganton, Moortown and Lindrick Golf Clubs offer that challenge.

Had none of the three hosted the Ryder Cup they would still be wonderful courses in their own right. But that each of them has, adds another layer of history, tradition and mystique that marks them out as special places to be. They share similar values, a collective heritage and global reputations. 

The view from behind the 16th green at magical Ganton. Venue for the 1949 Ryder Cup.

It was with that sense of adventure that the team at The Wandering Golfer set out not only to play Yorkshire’s renowned Ryder Cup courses, but to bring to life the incredible stories of when they hosted an iconic event. 

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